Imma be gone for 3 months

Hay guys….How are you today? Well i’m going to be down in florida for this whole summer with my aunt and her boyfriend but i’ll be able to get on down their and also I’m sorry about my spelling because i got long fake nails on and it is VERY hard to type on the laptop and phone but I hope y’all have a wonderful summer guys……….And also Update on my sisters: Ashlynn,Kendra They had their baby’s they are so adorable and also update on my brother ethan’s girfriend she had her baby few months apart when ashlynn and kendra’s baby lol Anyways  I just wanted to let you guys know im still alive and living 🙂 Yay lol anyways I’m sorry that i havent been posting iv been having alot to do…..Soooo Have a good wonderful summer




How i feel today….

When I’m alone, I think.

When i think, I remember, When i remember, I feel pain, When i feel pain, I cry, When i cry, I can’t stop Plus My guy best friend is Mad at me for some reason Don’t know why I don’t know want i have done to have hurt his feelings I wish i can just see him and hug him until All my pain is Gone and i feel alot better but i cant see him Because of his mother Hates me but we still talk its just he is mad at me for some reason I don’t know why he is mad at me…. 😦 I feel like i am losing him I feel like he is losing his feelings towards me Not as a girlfriend but As A friend i feel like he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore 😦 😦 😦 I don’t know want to do…..

Happy day

So i just found out few days ago that my sister is due on the 16th of this month with her first baby Yay i’m an aunt twice this year plus maybe a 3rd time so yay and also I found out today i’m baby sitting a baby tomorrow yay love baby sitting 

Hope y’all have a good day today

Happier than i ever was…<3

My Best guy friend just started following me 3 days ago and i’m so happy that i heard from him because me and him been friends since 7th grade and i’m just glad he is doing okay and i’m so happy that we are still friends and Oh i’m also sorry that i haven’t been on is because i’v been busy lately with Chores and Getting school work done and Also I got one more year til i am done with school yay I’m in 11th so next year will be my last year and Also i wont be on for 3 months because i’m going to Florida for the summer also I might be getting a phone before i go so i might get on my new phone and stuff but if i don’t get a phone then i wont be on for 3 months But I will let you guys know when i get back on how it went also ”Brendan”–> This is for you….You will always be the same Brendan from new day to me you never changed Because you was always yourself no matter want You are the same Brendan the funny Brendan…The silly Brendan I love who you are…If you need anyone to talk to just Email me okay

I’m so happy :)

I’m so happy that My Long Guy best friend ever liked my one comment on his old post and Im glad he followed me back on here its been awhile so happy And i wish i can video chat with him but Cant because we dont talk anymore but I’m glad we still friends and Yesterday My other guy friend came back from texas So happy but Yet again I am feeling down again Because i havent been talking to my dad and sister and My sisters sister had her baby early and her baby was 2 days old and had to get surgery for something but Dont know want kind thats scary and My ex i last talked to him and asked if he still likes me and he said I geuss because i have nothing better to do But i moved on and I just been having alot on my mind lately but I’m feeling like Bae is mad and moved on from me And found someone better because me and him havent talked in awhile and


BAE……I’m sorry for wantever i did to upset you im sorry for not talking to you much im sorry Please forgive and Anyways I hope we still in this together

Want i love about True Love

True Love Quotes
  • Rare as is true lovetrue friendship is rarer. …
  • True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. …
  • True love stories never have endings. …
  • True love is selfless. …
  • Life is a game and true love is a trophy. …
  • True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion.


I love true love, and i’m a woman who wants to be married for a lifetime. That traditional life is something i want.

I find it really beautiful when someone prays for you without knowing. I don’t think there’s any form of deeper and purer love.

If you make a boy laugh, He likes you. But if you make him cry he really loves you so much.

Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life…..


Love y’all Hope y’all have a good day and good night

Everything To know about K-pop Band

Meet RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook


RM (Name: Kim Nam-jun), rapper and leader, 24

The official leader of BTS, RM was the first member scouted by BTS founder Bang Si-hyuk; he was an underground battle rapper at the time. He’s known for his rapping — he’s collaborated with artists like Wale and even was the first of the group to release his own rap mixtape — and is also the only member of BTS who speaks English, which he taught himself by watching all the seasons of Friends. In September, he delivered an English-language speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York City supporting youth empowerment initiatives. “No matter who you are or where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity, speak yourself,” RM said in the speech.


Suga (Name: Min Yun-ki), rapper and producer, 25

Starting as an underground rapper as a teen with the stage name of Gloss, Suga got his current moniker from early years spent playing basketball. (It’s an abbreviation for “shooting guard.”) Suga is known for his rapid-fire rhymes. He’s also happy to be vocal about everything from mental health to politics, especially on his 2016 mixtape Agust D. He also is a producer, having contributed to award-winning songs on other artists’ projects as well of many of BTS’s own tracks.


J-Hope (Name: Jung Ho-seok), rapper and dancer, 24

The third member to be tapped to join BTS after RM and Suga, J-Hope — stylized as j-hope — was first known for his dancing; he was part of an underground dance crew in his home province of Gwangju. But since becoming a part of the boy band, J-Hope expanded his skill set to include rapping and songwriting, with credits across the BTS discography. He also released his own mixtape in March, Hope World, which charted independently on the Billboard 200 and shared his signature message of optimism and peace. He’s vocal about his love of fashion, too, telling TIME he loves to shop when he visits new cities.


Jimin (Name: Park Ji-min), singer and dancer, 22

Discovered by Big Hit Entertainment during high school, Jimin is known for his sharp dance moves first and foremost; when he was younger, he attended an arts school alongside V, where he focused on modern dance. At shows, he performs the solo “Serendipity”—and his moves offstage, from sharing a laugh with Jimmy Fallon to hugging a fan, can potentially go viral. “When the fans sing along to the songs, that’s one of my favorite moments,” Jimin told TIME. “We give energy to our audience members and listeners, but we also draw energy from them.”


Jin (Name: Kim Seok-jin), singer, 25

After stepping out of a limo at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, a candid snapshot of Jin caught the internet’s attention. The result: he now often goes by the fan-given moniker “Worldwide Handsome.” He was initially scouted on the street in South Korea before ending up in BTS. An amateur foodie, Jin garnered his own audience early on with a popular food vlog, Eat Jin, in which he posted candid videos of himself — and sometimes his bandmates — eating home-cooked meals (and sharing their opinions, of course).


V (Name: Kim Tae-hyung), singer, 22

V is the R&B crooner of the bunch, known for his smooth vocals that pop on some of the lower-tempo songs from the band. At shows, his standout moment comes when he sings and dances alongside a life-sized puppet of sorts in an emotive, avant-garde duet to his solo song “Singularity.” A songwriter and producer as well, he has also dabbled in acting, and currently has an interest in photography, he told TIME.


Jung Kook (Name: Jean Jeong-guk), singer, 21

As the youngest member of the group, Jung Kook fills a special role in K-pop groups called the “Maknae,” referring to his youth — but in BTS he’s been deemed the “Golden Maknae,” giving him kudos for his onstage chops. He’s also one of the group’s prime vocalists, appearing on the anonymous South Korean singing reality show King of Masked Singer to surprise and delight audiences a few years ago. He likes to share some of his pen and paper illustrations on social media too. And he loves to perform, telling TIME that now in months off when the group aren’t doing shows, he looks forward to returning to the stage.


How did BTS rise to fame?

After bringing together the seven young artists, Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang Si-hyuk first debuted BTS to the world in 2013 with their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool and lead single “No More Dream” to moderate success. They also entered the Japanese market with a Japanese-language version of their single. BTS continued to release albums in Korean and Japanese and to tour Asia over the following years, with a few stops in the U.S. in 2015 for KCON.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that they really began to take off internationally, with their Wings EP and, later, the “DNA” music video breaking records. Cracking the Billboard Top Social Artist chart was another major milestone, as they bested social media mainstays Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the title; they’ve stayed atop that chart for 95 weeks as of time of publish. They also gained traction in the U.S. market with their BillboardMusic Awards appearance in 2017 and a subsequent publicity tour of talk shows.


I love Bts so much they are so adorable and So childish just like me And they some want inspire me some want And They make me laugh and Smile whenever i watch their vlogs they are so AMAZING at singing and Also they are good people



Think of you –Taj Jackson

Think Of You
I miss you babe
girl i know i been busy didn’t get to talk
but don’t let your head play them games with your heart
its been a little crazy doing what i do
but i just cant wait to get home with you
i know its been hard me not being there
baby i don’t want you thinking that i really don’t care
and i know that your feeling like i’m being unfair
but your love is with me everywhere
when i dream i think of you
breath i think of you
all day i think of you
give all my love to you my baby boo
swear its true all i do is think of you
when i pray i think you’re
far away i think of you
all day i think of you
my heart belongs to you my baby boo
yes its true all i do is think of you
always say i love you before i go to sleep
if i die before i’m awake then i take your love with me
every second i’m away from you feels like misery
cuz i know where i really want to be
i know its been hard me not being there
baby i don’t want you thinking that i really don’t care
and i know that your feeling like i’m being unfair
but your love is with me everywhere
when i dream i think of you
breath i think of you
all day i think of you
give all my love to you my baby boo
swear its true all i do is think of you
when i pray i think of you
far away i think of you
all day i think of you
my heart belongs to you my baby boo
yes its true all i do is think of you
what do you do when you love someone so much
you’ll do almost anything just for one touch
trying to make an excuse just to get away
that’s the way i feel about you baby
when i leave do you know what i go through
it makes me cry every time cuz i miss you
and i hope you feel the same way too
cause all i do is think of you
when i dream i think of you
breath i think of you
all day i think of you
give all my love to you my baby boo
swear its true all i do is think of you
when i pray i think of you
far away i think of you
all day i think of you
my heart belongs to you my baby boo
yes its true all i do is think of you
When i dream i think of you
breathe, i think you
all day i think of you
give all my love to you. My baby boo

Love blooms

”True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves”

How I know it was love?

It was as if i had fallen asleep inside his soul and awoke…. To a string if dreams rather than just life.

—Christopher Poindexter



I love watching couples in Public even the old ones because when i see them i always wonder if i can walk up to them and ask how they do it? And hear their story on how they made it that far….You know

Who else loves this song?

I look up from the ground
To see your sad and teary eyes
You look away from me
And I see there’s something you’re trying to hide
And I reach for your hand but it’s cold
You pull away again
And I wonder what’s on your mind
And then you say to me you made a dumb mistake
You start to tremble and your voice begins to break
You say the cigarettes on the counter weren’t your friend’s
They were my mate’s
And I feel the color draining from my face
And my friend said
“I know you love her, but it’s over, mate
It doesn’t matter, put the phone away
It’s never easy to walk away, let her go
It’ll be alright”
So I still look back at all the messages you’d sent
And I know it wasn’t right, but it was fucking with my head
And everything deleted like the past, it was gone
And when I touched your face, I could tell you’re moving on
But it’s not the fact that you kissed him yesterday
It’s the feeling of betrayal, that I just can’t seem to shake
And everything I know tells me that I should walk away
But I just want to stay
And my friend said
“I know you love her, but it’s over, mate
It doesn’t matter, put the phone away
It’s never easy to walk away, let her go
It’ll be okay
It’s gonna hurt for a bit of time
So bottoms up, let’s forget tonight
You’ll find another and you’ll be just fine
Let her go”
But nothing heals the past like time
And they can’t steal
The love you’re born to find
But nothing heals the past like time
And they can’t steal
The love you’re born to find
“I know you love her, but it’s over, mate
It doesn’t matter, put the phone away
It’s never easy to walk away, let her go
It’ll be okay
It’s gonna hurt for a bit of time
So bottoms up, let’s forget tonight
You’ll find another and you’ll be just fine
Let her go”
It’ll be alright
It’ll be alright
It’ll be alright
It’ll be alright
It’ll be alright

embarrasses moments of myself :’)

When i was 12 years old i lived in P.A and i lived near Walmart so i seen my friend from school there and i was watching them walk away and i didn’t watch where i was going so when my mom said Courtney look and i looked at her but it was to late i ran into a pole inside of Walmart yep the whole store seen me do that and i was laughing the next day about it and Another Embarrass moment was when me and my best friend was at Walmart here in Arkansas so when we were their plus my cousin was with us too He dared me to ask a guy for his number so i did Well want made it worst i was nerves and i couldn’t stop smiling while laughing and he told me it and once i walked away i forgot his number for days i felt Embarrassed and scared to go in Walmart again but i did i saw him again I was scared and Embarrassed Also there was another Embarrassed thing about me…..I was sleeping 2 nights ago and i scared myself that night because i sleep with my head under my covers and i had a heater in my room to keep my room warm well i woke up and i was facing the wall i saw my elbow  move on the wall and i jumped and pushed the wall like it was a person LOL i jumped so high i almost fell of my bed LOL I think you guys need to know me because y’all are my friends so I hope y’all are having a better day than me because today is so boring lol 

Want I looked like last year and last photo is from today lol

I am glad that all of you guys write nice comments on my poems i am glad because i went though a lot too and also I am going though something right now with my sister

She still calls me names like Sl*** And Bi*** And so on and also like how i am in 3rd grade math well listen i have hard time with Math like Times and divide so i am doing 3rd grade math wants wrong with that i learn different then other kids i learn slower then other kids who cares a least i can do things like 18 year old’s you know….I just  cant stand it Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday i cried really hard because i told my mom that i can’t be here when my sister is here its that bad and also she and my brother both said they will laugh when i get reported for something and also my sister told me she will laugh when i move out because she won’t be sad anymore Okay wait til i get done with school and go off to college And everyday she says these things i show no weakness because she will still go and make it worst so i don’t cry but when i do the thought come back and i just try to stop crying but can’t so i just try to watch something funny to stop me from laughing it’s hard You know and Her telling me who hates me and why it hurts you know and At the end of feb my best friend is moving back to P.A who shoulder would i cry on i mean i have friends but they are not My BEST FRIEND Ashton she’s been their since birth you know…..I can’t just call and cry and say i need to talk you know it’s hard because when i do that i still think that People is going to think that i’m doing this again because of my sister and that I use and i am a attention seeker Wrong but want hurts that most is when your own mother says you were try to be attention seeker to your sister that hurts you know…Also my dad says i can’t get on here in stand of doing my game time……But you know when i get on everyone else would want on…….I don’t know want to do anymore Last night i said to my mom you should let me move in with Uncle gene because he lives in front of my moms client So she knows want i am doing while she is at work you know But no answer I just can’t be here when My sister is here And now my brother is starting Being really mean to me Why me? So i just can’t wait to be done with this year and next year then off to college and be away from here for awhile not forever but Until i am done with college i will come and visit…….I’m just getting sick and tired of this everyday i will be in a  perfect  mood until my sister comes home then wow im in a mood when she comes home my brother is is home schooled with me….My sister and My brother starts on me why….?

Becoming someone’s Love/Crush

It’s so amazing to be someone’s love

It’s so wonderful to be someone’s crush

It’s so beautiful to be someone’s world

It’s so pretty to be someone’s friend

It’s so good to be in someone’s arms knowing you are now safe but hurt,pain


I met this one guy and he treats me better then all the guys i dated….He is the only one who treats me like a human being….He doesn’t treat like a toy, doesn’t treat me like a nobody,he doesn’t treat me like a side,He doesn’t treat me wrong

Want he does do….He treats me good,He treats me well,He treats me like a human being,He treats me like a princess,He treats me like i’m the only girl in this world

All i have to do is look into his eyes and i can see that he really loves me for who i am

He doesn’t care if i am too skinny he doesn’t care if i am broke he doesn’t care if i’m not smart He doesn’t care if i am little fat he doesn’t care if i act childish sometimes he doesn’t care if i PPD he doesn’t care who i am all he cares about is my love he doesn’t care want i look like he still loves me for who i am……..


And I hope he knows i don’t care want he looks like i will still love and like him for him

And i hope he knows i don’t care want shape he is in i will still love and like him for him


Love y’all hope you have a great week

❤ 🙂

And i hope he knows i am here whenever he needs to talk to me

Special love <3

The best feeling in the world is…

When you look at him and he is already smiling at you….

I May not be your first love.First kiss, First sight, Or first date but i just want to be your Last everything…..Thank you so much for being the one person i could talk to. Thank you for never leaving my side through the tough and ugly times. Thank you for being my friend….Thank you for being their when i need someone to talk to…Thank you for accepting me for who i was……And looking on the inside,Not the outside. But most of all…..Thank you for loving me–like no one else ever had,or ever will….Take the time to tell someone special because you never know want will happen in 5 seconds…..


Love all of you followers ❤ 🙂

Having a bad day….

I am having a bad day today but im doing okay just had alot on my mind and i just want to let all of you guys that im okay and well and just wanted to let you know that if i am not on for awhile then dont worry i been busy lately so i just wanted to let you guys know that i love you guys

I have a major crush on someone…

I have a major crush on someone and i think i mad him mad for some reason don’t know how or want i did but one thing that i know is that i will NEVER stop liking him




To someone who i like and he is following me and if you are mad at me for want ever i did i am sorry to make you mad plz forgive me if i did make you mad if i didn’t then I hope you are having a good day today 🙂 ❤

Missing one thing from me right now…

I miss someone so bad. 

I miss his beautiful words he use to say to me

I miss his beautiful comments

I miss him saying Ney 😦 

I miss his sweet words 

I miss his beautiful soul 

I love you more because….You walk with me.Even in my bad times 

”You will never know just how beautiful you are to me….I see the true you every time i look into your eyes







I may not be perfect but inside i am…..


I’m not perfect.I may not be gorgeous. But i’m me and that’s okay with me.Because i’m beautiful inside and that’s something you’ll never be.  I am not perfect.i say stupid things sometimes.I laugh when i’m not supposed to.I have scars left by people who did me wrong.I’m a little crazy and probably won’t change. love me or not.But i promise,that if i love you, i do it with a full heart…






Apple of his eye

She’s the apple of his eye

She’s the core to his heart

She’s the shiny star he sees in the night sky

She’s his strength 

She’s his hope

She’s his faith

She’s his everything 

She is his rock

She’s his princess 



She may not be perfect but to him she is perfect to him 


Little mermaid…..

There was a little mermaid deep in the blue ocean.

She was just turn 16 she wonders want it is like up on land?

Want does it feel to live out of water

Well one day her dream came true she sees a young guy floating on top of the water

she gets closer looks at him few minutes then toke him to land

she didn’t want him to see she saved him but had a tail so here comes this woman sees him saves him he opens his eyes and falls in love it broke the mermaids heart she wishes to be human then this guy with this magic tells her i can make your wish come true and he did but he didn’t fall in love with her but again she still wonders til this day if he will ever fall in love with her…..

But one day she is walking down the sidewalk and sees him crying so she walks up to him and he says sorry i didn’t fall in love with you can i try again


Lived happily ever after

Friends and Best friends

Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet 

A Good friend knows all your best stories 

A best friend has lived them with you

I’m not perfect i make mistakes i hurt people but when i say sorry, I meant it 

My best friend is like a fairy tale,They’ve been their since once upon a time and will be their until forever after 

Me and my friends can communicates just with…..Face expressions…

Friends ask why you’re crying…

Best friends already have the shovel ready to bury the loser that made you cry….



I am thankful for my best best friend who i been friends with since birth and I am happy that she is my best friend and she is always their when i need someone i sometimes call her while i am crying and tell her want happen and why i’m crying and she calms me down and she keeps me calmed down and i do the same……But sometimes when she is going though some things and i don’t get a call i don’t get to talk to her about it until i see her few days after and I just want to be their and let her cry on my shoulder anyways 


I am also happy for my new friends on here thank you everyone 🙂 🙂 

Positive Quotes

50 true love quotes.pngwhen you truly care for someone you keep em.png21 quotes about love.png

Love is so beautiful…When i am going in a store and i see old couples holding hands i just want to ask them how do you guys do it? Like how can you stay together so long? How can you guys make love so beautiful than before? I just love watching old couples hold hands and tell each other they love each other and the man kisses the woman on the forehead It’s so beautiful and Cute i wish i had a phone to take cute pictures and stuff but Love is just around the corner and God is waiting to give that someone to all of us…..


Much love to all of my friends and followers

I’m in love

I’m in love with a guy

I’m in love with his words

I’m in love with his kindness

I’m in love with his smile

I’m in love with his personally

I’m in love with his voice that i never heard

I’m in love with his scent i never smelled him

Im in love with his love 

I’m in love with his heart

I’m in love with his goofy side i never seen before


The guy i never met….I dream about him every night i think about him everyday i just wish i could see my prance charming someday

Much love to all of y’all And Marry Xmas



The stars

Stars shine so bright 

Stars up so high

Stars so beautiful

Stars makes shape 

Stars are my favorite thing to watch in the night sky….It’s so peaceful to look at them and try to make shapes out of them and i could sit at my window all night and look up at the sky and think and wonder want shapes can i image into the stars

Stars are so beautiful and peaceful if you watch them with someone you love and care about

Thank you everyone for being my friend……

Her charming

She’s sitting on a rocky chair 

She awaits for her charming to come and save her from the dark side of the world

She was looking outside her window looking for him but he doesn’t come

One day she still sits by her window and sees someone running towards her

She runs outside and she can’t believe her eyes she sees her charming he reaches her and gets on one knee aske’s her to marry him… She said yes

I love love stories so bad they sometimes make me cry

Love so beautiful

”You will never know just how beautiful you are to me.”

You are worthy. You are capable. You are beautiful. Book the ticket. Write the book. Create the dream. Celebrate yourself. Rule your Queensland. Yeah i made mistakes but…LIFE doesn’t come with instructions. Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say I love you, But not everyone can wait and prove it’s true. Every love story is beautiful but OURS is my favorite. Thank you for being you….. for sharing your love with me….For inspiring me to accept beauty in imperfection…for showing me that love is something you do; something not just to be said, but also to be shown and to love yourself.

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, and still thinks you’re completely amazing. A real man gives his lady the attention she deserves, Gives her all of his love,his time,Calls her beautiful and treats her like a queen. I’m far from perfect. I could have a flatter stomach,Cleaner skin,Whiter teeth,Better hair,ETC,but at least i don’t have an ugly heart.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. I do not get mad. I get distant. I love being myself, it is so peaceful….I intend to carry weight when i pretend to be somebody else throw that burden and be yourself and if people don’t like you Block them out….I’m learning to love myself it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am just so happy because some of my followers post helps me to love myself some how and thank you everyone for following me and liking my post and commenting thank you for being my friend i really do need friends in my life who will be their for me and thank you all for everything and thank you for your kind words and nice comments

Happy Month of my life

Everyone how are you guys 

So few days ago i video chatted with my sister who i haven’t seen for 6 years now and i am so happy because i seen my sister who i haven’t seen in like 6 years and Also i’m becoming a aunt 2 times my oldest brother is having another baby and my sister is also having a baby soon…I am so happy because now i am going to have 2 Nieces and 2 nephews so happy and also i might be going up their this summer to see my sister and my dad and also my family lol and anyways I really hope all y’all are doing okay and having a good month and happy Xmas and also i am happy because my birthday is in 17 days i’m gonna be 18 and i am so happy because i am almost 18 almost done with school than off to college to try to become a nurse to help people and also this Thursday i am going to start baby sitting this baby he has dimples lol he is a cutie also i am going to get paid for baby sitting so aleast that is a sort of job until i am done with school and i just so happy because i have you guys to talk to and thank you following me and commenting on my post and liking my post thank you everyone..


Hope you guys have a wonderful month 


Into the forest

The girl who lived in the forest 

The girl was lost 

The girl was Terrified 

The girl was scared

The Girl had no home

The girl had no friends


One day she found this cabin 

She found people 

She found this real nice guy 

she fell in love also 

She promised her self she won’t fall back into love 

She looked at him and he looked at her they fell in love together 

She knew she couldn’t see him in a long time so she hid her feelings for awhile

Until one day he confessed his feelings and than she did then they Went on with their life’s knowing they like each other so they kept writing each other and stuff 

She kept thinking about him and she wonders if he thinks about her and she still lives in the cabin alone….She feels still alone and scared but one day they met again he moved in with her and made her feel happy 


Happy ever after 


Dedicated to a friend who i am glad that we met 


His kindness,Her perfection

He was sitting at home in front of the computer 

She was sitting at home in front of the computer also 

One day he came cross her posts commenting nice wonderful words

He liked her poems so much he messaged her and said Hi 

She smiled because the more he messaged her on the Posts she fell more in love with the guy than his poems He did the same

He also liked her perfection even her flaws

She was so happy that after all her poems a guy fell for her then her poems and messaged her the way she have always wanted to talk to like telling her shes beautiful things like that

He comments on all her posts

So does she

One night she had a dream of him and she woke up with a big smile because her dream felt real

She wonders if he thinks about her in a good way and not in a bad way

She waits for a comment on my posts


Thank you everyone for likes and comments

Much love from C.E.W

The wolf wore the sheep

The wolf  was a loner 

The wolf was tired

The wolf was sore 

The wolf got tired of being bullied 

The wolf hid

The wolf stayed to him self


Until one day the wolf thought want if i change my looks 

so the wolf changed everything about him….His color of his fur, the sound of his growl, he changed his growl into the sound of a sheep he changed his fur color into the color of a sheep he went back into the world once more and no one realized it was the same animal but the wolf still felt closed in…still felt like a no body but one day The wolf wore the sheep as a perfect disguise  so well 





this is how i feel and I realized one day i meant something to the world 



thank you for your guys support and friendly comments and the likes thank you guys for being their for me.




Get to know me Challenge

My Questions to you are:

1. My full name….

2. My birth date..

3. My nick name…

4. How many siblings do I have?

5.which part of the country do i come from?

6.where are i currently live?

7.what’s my eye color?

8.what’s my  favorite sport?

9.what’s my favorite time of the day?

10. What’s my biggest dream?

11.what do you like about me most?

The girl who is sad about something

”The girl who is sad about something”


She’s so sad

She’s so broken down

Her sister always say’s ”I hate you” I wish you where never here I wish you was not my sister 

She’s done living in the same house with her sister

She feels like her sister is jealous of her but really her sister is feeling like her younger sister doesn’t want anything to do with her AT ALL

She feel’s like someday when she dies her younger sister won’t cry or feel pain because her younger sister hates her so much 

Hay everyone

How is everyone today?

So today is my little brother’s birthday today he is turning 13 today…He is getting big and also he is almost taller then i am that’s crazy and also i got 117 views on my singing video on YouTube so whoever watched it and liked it thank you for watching it also if you did The computer was freezing up so it might look like i was singing some words but i was singing every word so just to let you know that lol 🙂 Anyways i hope you guys have a wonderful day today



Happy birthday little bro

The fear girl of Rejected

She loved this one guy

She wrote him a letter of how she feels

He stared at it for awhile

Looked in his eyes he wanted to read it

He looked around and said ”No Thanks”

She had a single tear in her eye

She was broken

He stamped on the letter and said i don’t like stupid girls

She ran away with tears running down her face

He rejected her in front of people at their school

She hid in the bathroom

Bunch of girls came in

Made fun of her,Saying he doesn’t like stupid girls like you

She cried harder

He heard girls yelling

he went down to see

he went into the girls bathroom after the girls left and saw that one girl he rejected was crying

He helped her up and looked her right in the eyes and said ”I like you too,I just don’t want people to know i like someone like you”

She looked up with a big smile on her face and said You shouldn’t care want other people think

he said, I know how about this Lets meet in the Gym after 3 period

She said Okay i will

He left and ran into the bunch of girls

He said Sorry for running into you

The bunch of girls said thats fine and You shouldnt meet her

He said why not

They said because she is a lier and a cheater she has a Boyfriend

He belived them

*3 period comes*

She is the only on their

She texted him saying Where are you? I’m here

He messaged back and said I’m coming

Then the bunch of girls come out and starts yelling at her and calling her names

He is in the car with his mom

She rides the bus home,When she gets home she runs to her room with tears running down her face

He doesn’t care at all

She becomes depressed

He still thinks she cheated on him

She keeps saying she didn’t

Now she looks for people to tell her want she wants to hear but when she found this One guy she felt like true love still is real


That girl who you hurt so bad,She use to cut because she felt unloved and broken because you listened to other peoples lies

That girl who you use to know is now Someone else who you never knew because you didn’t get her a chance


She is doing better in life then you are…She was almost wasn’t going to be here because she was hurting and remembering everything you did to her when she sees you

Now she is better off without Now she is stronger then ever and now she is Liking someone who she can tell is not like the other guys



That someone

That someone who you love

That someone who hurt’d you

That someone who lied to you

That someone who cheated on you

That someone who called you names

That someone who treats you like trush


That someone is NOT worth it trust me I been tho this it is hush

I want to be someone’s smile

I want to be someone who makes them smile

I want to be someone who makes them laugh

I want to be someone who makes sure he is healthy

I want to be someone who can keep them warm 

I want to be someone who will be their hope,faith,smile,laugh,everything

I want to be someone who will NEVER leave their side 

I want to be someone who tells every gurl that he is mine 

I want to be someone who lets him be friends with girls if he grew up with them you know want i mean 

Tears of the heart

Tears of the heart

Heart pounding fast

Body shaking in fear

Eyes getting watery

Standing in the middle of battle filde

fighting againest the one you love

He hurts you’re heart

He cuts you deep 

Tears rolling down you’re face while fighting

Heart pounding faster 

You feel weak

he makes you feel bad 

makes you feel not good enough

calls you names

heart starts to hurt,starts to cry tears of pain



This is how i felt and how i did the things i need and now thanks for you’re guys post they keep me keep going thank you 


Wants it like to date me?

Wants it like to date me? I am sometimes hard to handle,Always projected of want is mine,Make sure you know i love you,Blows up you’re phone

Wants it like to hangout with me? You will always be laughing,Smiling,just having a good time

Wants it like to have a crush on me? If you have a crush on me i might know about it just the way you type and say to me

Wants it like to be my friends? I will always have you’re back,Always listen to want you have to say,I will be a very good friend


The day and night

The day and night are so diffenet in a way like lets just say this

Their is this beautiful Woman looking for her day and night charming but the promblm was that it was taking so long but one day she got a message saying how beautiful she is and how he wants to get to know each other well they did and then Boom they became a couble and they look so cute together but she is worried about him and she doesn’t know how to act when she talks to him and she gets betterflies and the biggest smile pops on her face and startes to get red because she is in love with the charming and she wishes someday he will surprize with his vist to her and she will be so happy because she gets to see him and how she NEVER felt this way before with anyone but now she has to go away for awhile because she is busy because of thanksgiving and she just hopes that he will have a good thanksgiving 

Bts age and full name

Name: Kim Seokjin (Jin)
4th of December, 1992
American Age: 
Korean Age: 

Name: Min Yoongi (Suga)
Birth Date: 9th March, 1993
American Age: 24
Korean Age: 25

Name: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)
Birth Date: 18th February, 1994
American Age: 23
Korean Age: 

Name: Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)
Birth Date: 
12th September, 1994
American Age: 
Korean Age:

Name: Park Jimin (Jimin)
Birth Date: 
13th October, 1995
American Age:
Korean Age: 

Name: Kim Taehyung (V)
Birth Date: 30th December, 1995
American Age: 21
Korean Age: 23

Name: Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)
Birth Date: 
1st September, 1997
American Age: 
Korean Age: 




When you have a crush….

I have a crush on someone and they maybe know it but It is hard to talk to them because you don’t know if they even like you back and sometimes it’s hard when you like that person and you wonder if they have a girlfriend and you’re scared to tell him that you like him without his girlfriend knowing because you don’t want to start any fights and stuff and you just wonder if they like you and they are thinking the same way has you are….I am just scared to tell them that i like them but i am just scared that he might have a girlfriend or he doesn’t even like me back that is the worst part ever is when you have a crush and they don’t like you back and they start teasing you and stuff….It’s hard and he might know that i like him but i don’t know if he likes me back

Want makes us stronger

A broken heart is one of those experiences that all of us as humans can share, yet you can only experience alone. Standing alone doesn’t mean i am alone. It mean’s i am strong enough to handle things all by myself pain makes you stronger tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser so thank the past for a better future


How i am when it comes to someone getting to know me….

8e6_am_weird_quotes_imag.jpg random-funny-minion-quotes-114104-am-tuesday-04-august-2015-pdt-10-pic.jpgIm actually weirder than you think.jpg             I am a weird funny nice wonderful person you will ever meet in your life i might be boring but i will make you laugh for no reason because i make weird noises that even my best friend laughs for no reason because i do it out of no where and When we both are bored we try to make make each other laugh so we ain’t bored and I will be their for you and I have ears i have a shoulder if someone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or when you’re sad i will try my best to make you feel happy and laugh even when if you don’t want to And i might be 17 right now But I act like i am 2 or 3 years younger because I have Autism But that won’t stop me from doing want i love and i love singing so i try to sing everyday so i can get better and go onto the Voice so bad because i want to be a singer someday and I love to write poems and stories about my life And sometimes it helps other people too and I like talking to people and  Learning new things and i like taking walks when its warm out 🙂 and i love animals so much i want to become a nurse so after i am done with high school i am going to go to college to take nurse classes and try my best to become a good nurse…. I love food like pizza and salads and ice cream and BBQ chips and sour&cream chips and I love Nilla Wafers and Egg rolls and stuff like that and I just wanted to let you guys know about me and Stuff and i been though so much over the past 3 years with dealing depression.. I am doing a lot better since January of this year because i went away for almost 2 weeks to get help with my depression and stuff but hay I’m a suicide savor and i am Alive and i asked my mom when i turn 18 can i get the tattoo on the bottom of my wrist of a suicide savor tattoo because i am glad i savored because that night i tried to kill myself i felt my body go numb i can still feel my arms and stuff but it was going numb and that morning when i woke up i felt sick and that morning i told my mom that i am glad i am alive today and i am glad that i woke up today So yeah That’s all about me and I hope you guys will be their when i need someone to talk to and stuff and i will do the same so I hope you guys have a wonderful day today 🙂 ❤ Love you guys

My day

So i woke up around Maybe 9:15 and i was staying with my best friend so when i came home i watched the tv show called the Room and it was a good movie and so i just remembered from the same time i posted so i am on here today to post and let you guys know that i am doing okay and stuff and i hope you all are doing okay today

Falling deep in love

u make me laugh

Whenever i see my crush i get butterflies or even when i hear his name i smile and blush he is my everything my world my best day my best dream my Ride and Die my best smile my best thought my best laugh my everything


If you are reading this my crush i will be here waiting for you

Have you Ever look at a certain person…

Have you ever look at a certain person and start to remember how you too were before someone came between you guys and broke you guys up and make you guys hard to talk to each other again or have you ever look at a certain person and remember want you guys did together and Start to cry and then that person comes and see if your okay so you cry even harder……..That is the worst feeling ever to have….


Today will hopefully be a good day for me because for one i get to see my friends…


Thank you all for being my friends and I hope you have a wonderful day and night

My YouTube Videos

Learn’ed how to draw on my own

Rest of my other pictuers

releasing my inner self 😂

Weird Child is loose


My drawings that i tried to do but Just let me know want you think and also

Subs me on YouTube and Like and comment and let me know if you guys want anymore videos that you want me to try like Make Up tips or Style tips on YouTube or just some more funny videos because i know if you get 200 Thousands Subs you get a check in the mail and you get A LOT in the mail

Thank you for reading this and thank you for following me Everyone



I wrote this  Last year 


You’re going through a lot..Thinking you’re not good enough,feeling like you’re getting laughed at,talked about,judged,Stared at, and thinking you’re a bad singer every time you come home from church you run to you’re room in tears you have 2 close friends one of my friend moved to a diff country but my other friend she is moving away back to P.a i only hang out with her…You say you don’t feel welcome at you’re old church anymore so you moved churches and you feel a lot better You’re  drafting away from him. You don’t pray th

Who here knows about furies

Well i do because i am a furry and i am proud to be a furry with my best friend and I go to Wal-mart and wear my furry head and i can be myself in my head no one knows want i look like so for me is easy to show my weirdness in front of people and it feels amazing to be myself without being judge and stuff and Who ever Dislike furies well  Guess want…You think want you want but don’t come on my page and be rude,to me or my best friend and if you do come upon my page and start being rude well then just Un-follow me and leave my page because i don’t want no rude comments…..Only Nice friendly comments 


                                                         Thank you for you’re time for reading this 

Wanna hear a funny Joke…..

So Me…… being me walks inside a class stands their look around people staring at me

So i yelled yellow blue

One of the class mate said She said lay low blue 

So everyone lay’d low on the ground so i yelled louder and said Yellow blue 

Everyone got up and yellow blue?

I said yeah yellow blue go around and say yellow Blue and see who can think yellow blue means and say the meaning 

Everyone started laughing so i said okay i dare you too 

So they all stopped laughing and did want i said


Who can say want yellow blue says when you say it really slow but normal speed  

Broken Heart

Heart broken

Tears rolling down my face

Dreams come nightmares

Sight fading away

Heart been shot down

Sounds fading away

Things keep on going round and round crying so hard bleeding out of my eyes can’t see anymore…

Blind in the dark trying to get to where i want to go

Fire Flies

sky is Dark

grass is cold

Wind blowing softly

Laying on the cold grass

Watching fire flies fly around in the night sky

lighting up my face like a Christmas tree

staring deep into the beautiful bright light

slowing falling asleep

Dreaming of a wonderful place

Dreaming of a wonderful place where i could go and rest and just keep calm

Dreaming about my dream guy saving me from my heart breaking even more i have a Band Aid going cross my heart with stitches patching the little holes that broke and got shot at while i was at war with The monster who thought that he could bring me up….He thought wrong because i’m here and alive and happier then i ever was i am at a better place then i was for 3 years…I am doing okay




Hi,You might know who I’m talking about but here goes nothing

You might see me here and their but whenever i see you i get butterflies and goosebumps and Whenever i see you i just know i can treat you better then She can because she said somethings to you that made you sad and Left you crying alone and just treated you badly and I just know that i’m always here for you and Just i don’t know how to say this

You deserve better then a person who treats you like you’re a nobody but You are someone you’re more then she will ever know

Whenever you need someone I’m here We both been though somethings so i kinda understand and You understand me sometimes and I know you don’t have a Blog but I hope someday you get a Blog and start following me I hope you read this and smile big


Te Amo

My dream

My dream Looks a lot like this sometimes whenever i see something wonderful or hear from someone i like it lights up my world knowing that they might like me back but i sometimes just dream they do and my dreams are sometimes like movies some are beautiful…Some are weird movies…Some are scary…But most of all I get to dream of my comfort little world here and their even when i’m wake i day dream of my little world whenever you see me zone out and staring at something you know i’m day dreaming of my comfort little world

When i glaze at someone or something my eyes zone out and this is want my vision looks like and i like the way it looks


Placeholder Image

Thoughts til 2am

You lay their in bed,

Thinking and wondering about life

How butterflies are so beautiful

Wishing you can fly away from the problems

Looking at the ceiling fan go round

Wondering if you’re life just goes round and round til you turn it off

Wondering how minds mess with us

Wondering if when you wake up in the morning and it will all be gone….All my problems are all gone

Truth is….We all deal with diff problems all day everyday

Thank you for following

I show someone liking all my stuff and said Nice to meet you and he seems nice but i don’t know when the next time i can date so i ain’t gonna try anything but the reason why i can’t date is because i did some things i shouldn’t have and I think you know who Im talking about if you do then Hi and thank you for following me

About me

Love: Bts,all country singers,All pop singers,All R8B singers,All singers

Tv shows: Love so beautiful,hormones,Oh my ghost,My tiny lover,Good morning call,Funny movies,Scary movies

Like to wear:Hoodies,t-shirts,high-tops,pant’s,boots

Favorite color’s: Orange,pink,black


Like to do:Sing,write,walks,talk,learn new things,draw,make new friends

YouTuber: Yes

Any friends: Yes 2 very close friends


Favorite singers and songs

Thomas Rhett–> T-shirt,marry me

Taylor swift–> Love story,Our story

Cardie B–> Bodake yellow

Becky G–> Shower

Daya–>Sit still pretty

Dove Cameron–> True love

Maddie and Tae–> Fly,Shut up and fish

Carrie underwood–> Heartbeat, before he cheats

Luke bryan–> play it again

Kane brown–> heaven, want if’s

Brett young–> in case you didn’t know

The band perry–> if i die young

Katy perry–> friday night,I kissed a girl

Crowder–> Come as you are

Adam levine–> pay phone

Jamie grace–> Hold me


Blake sheden–> honey bee

Sam smith–> stay

Sam hunt–> break up in a small town






                      You’re my everything

                                                                 You’re my best day

You’re my best dream

You’re my better half

You’re my air i breath and need to live





Wanting to make some money

hi everyone

I just want to know how to put ads on my blog or how to earn money while i am 17 just for now a easy job until i’m 18 then i would go look for a real job but for right now i want to baby sit or clean houses but How do i make ads on here…..and YouTube?  I want to earn my own because i’v been always wanting to work since i was 12 and if any of you guys know how just message me on here thank you for your time for reading this and thank you for following me


Have a nice day everyday 🙂


My life without you

My life without you, is so a mess

My life without you, is tiring me apart

My life without you, is killing me

My heart ache’s when i see you  walk away

My Dream becomes nightmares where i am still sleeping but my eyes are open in my dream and i can’t move a thing

My last breath will be final



My life with you

My life with you is amazing

My life with you is still crazy whenever i see you 🙂

My mind with you is going crazy

My heart hurts when i’m NOT with you

My nightmares become normal whenever i’m by you

My last breath will still be final but i will use my last breath of looking at you saying ”I love you”





My love for you

My love for you amazing 

My love for you is written in the sky

My love for you is beyond the galaxy 

My love for you is sweeter than sugar 

My love for you is more than you could ever imaged 

My love for you is forever 

My love for you is worth more than gold  

Best friend for life…

My best friend in the world  is the best thing that has ever happen to me because she showed me how to be myself and not feel  ashamed about it you know and she is always their for me when i need a friend and she is more then a best friend she is my sister she is amazing we may fuss and fight but we will always be friends, in the end of the day i love my best friend…She is very good listener and also she cheers me up when i’m sad and we both are still dealing with our depression together and i would not know want to do if i don’t have her in my life she’s the one who make’s me smile brighter she make’s me laughing longer she make’s me life better she is my other half and i love my best friend to the moon and beyond that. She make’s me happy she always says the right things at the right time and we both are fury’s She made herself a fury head and me a fury head i’m a panda and i forget want she is and we are so weird when we are together lol 🙂 she makes me laugh and i make her laugh and i’m so glad i have a friend like her 



P.s I love you bacon strips ❤ you complete me 


Summer’s Over

Hi everyone how is everyone today? Hum well we all know summer is over and school is back on and well i’v been helping my mom around the house and i’v haven’t been wearing any make-up for the past 4 days now and i have a sore throat which sucks because i didn’t sleep well last night and i woke up sweating because my sister hogs all the air and well i just wanted to let you guys know i’m still alive and doing well….

Going to a water park tomorrow

ดังนั้นวันพรุ่งนี้ฉันจะไปสวนน้ำและฉันอาจจะไม่ได้อยู่ในไม่กี่วันเพราะฉันจะยุ่งกับการทำงานของโรงเรียนและสิ่งที่ฉันและเพียงต้องการที่จะขอบคุณสำหรับการต่อไปนี้หน้าของฉันยังฉัน glade ที่พวกคุณชอบ โพสต์ของฉัน


So tomorrow i am going to a water park and i might not be on for a few days because i’ll be busy with school work and stuff and i just want to thank you for following my page also i’m glade that you guys like my post

Thank you so much



If you’re skinny….You’re beautiful in every shape you are

If you’re fat….You’re not you’re beautiful in every shape because God made you who you are today

If you’re short don’t let people make fun of you because God made you perfect in every way

If you’re ugly You’re NOT ugly your beautiful in you’re own kind of way



Every shape of a girl is Beautiful

Every Face of a girl is Still Beautiful

Every short girl is Beautiful

Every tall girl is Beautiful

Every Girl in this World is Beautiful in their Very own ways





Written: Courtney Worthy