Little mermaid…..

There was a little mermaid deep in the blue ocean.

She was just turn 16 she wonders want it is like up on land?

Want does it feel to live out of water

Well one day her dream came true she sees a young guy floating on top of the water

she gets closer looks at him few minutes then toke him to land

she didn’t want him to see she saved him but had a tail so here comes this woman sees him saves him he opens his eyes and falls in love it broke the mermaids heart she wishes to be human then this guy with this magic tells her i can make your wish come true and he did but he didn’t fall in love with her but again she still wonders til this day if he will ever fall in love with her…..

But one day she is walking down the sidewalk and sees him crying so she walks up to him and he says sorry i didn’t fall in love with you can i try again


Lived happily ever after

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