I’m so happy :)

I’m so happy that My Long Guy best friend ever liked my one comment on his old post and Im glad he followed me back on here its been awhile so happy And i wish i can video chat with him but Cant because we dont talk anymore but I’m glad we still friends and Yesterday My other guy friend came back from texas So happy but Yet again I am feeling down again Because i havent been talking to my dad and sister and My sisters sister had her baby early and her baby was 2 days old and had to get surgery for something but Dont know want kind thats scary and My ex i last talked to him and asked if he still likes me and he said I geuss because i have nothing better to do But i moved on and I just been having alot on my mind lately but I’m feeling like Bae is mad and moved on from me And found someone better because me and him havent talked in awhile and


BAE……I’m sorry for wantever i did to upset you im sorry for not talking to you much im sorry Please forgive and Anyways I hope we still in this together

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