The fear girl of Rejected

She loved this one guy

She wrote him a letter of how she feels

He stared at it for awhile

Looked in his eyes he wanted to read it

He looked around and said ”No Thanks”

She had a single tear in her eye

She was broken

He stamped on the letter and said i don’t like stupid girls

She ran away with tears running down her face

He rejected her in front of people at their school

She hid in the bathroom

Bunch of girls came in

Made fun of her,Saying he doesn’t like stupid girls like you

She cried harder

He heard girls yelling

he went down to see

he went into the girls bathroom after the girls left and saw that one girl he rejected was crying

He helped her up and looked her right in the eyes and said ”I like you too,I just don’t want people to know i like someone like you”

She looked up with a big smile on her face and said You shouldn’t care want other people think

he said, I know how about this Lets meet in the Gym after 3 period

She said Okay i will

He left and ran into the bunch of girls

He said Sorry for running into you

The bunch of girls said thats fine and You shouldnt meet her

He said why not

They said because she is a lier and a cheater she has a Boyfriend

He belived them

*3 period comes*

She is the only on their

She texted him saying Where are you? I’m here

He messaged back and said I’m coming

Then the bunch of girls come out and starts yelling at her and calling her names

He is in the car with his mom

She rides the bus home,When she gets home she runs to her room with tears running down her face

He doesn’t care at all

She becomes depressed

He still thinks she cheated on him

She keeps saying she didn’t

Now she looks for people to tell her want she wants to hear but when she found this One guy she felt like true love still is real


That girl who you hurt so bad,She use to cut because she felt unloved and broken because you listened to other peoples lies

That girl who you use to know is now Someone else who you never knew because you didn’t get her a chance


She is doing better in life then you are…She was almost wasn’t going to be here because she was hurting and remembering everything you did to her when she sees you

Now she is better off without Now she is stronger then ever and now she is Liking someone who she can tell is not like the other guys



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