Want I looked like last year and last photo is from today lol

I am glad that all of you guys write nice comments on my poems i am glad because i went though a lot too and also I am going though something right now with my sister

She still calls me names like Sl*** And Bi*** And so on and also like how i am in 3rd grade math well listen i have hard time with Math like Times and divide so i am doing 3rd grade math wants wrong with that i learn different then other kids i learn slower then other kids who cares a least i can do things like 18 year old’s you know….I just  cant stand it Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday i cried really hard because i told my mom that i can’t be here when my sister is here its that bad and also she and my brother both said they will laugh when i get reported for something and also my sister told me she will laugh when i move out because she won’t be sad anymore Okay wait til i get done with school and go off to college And everyday she says these things i show no weakness because she will still go and make it worst so i don’t cry but when i do the thought come back and i just try to stop crying but can’t so i just try to watch something funny to stop me from laughing it’s hard You know and Her telling me who hates me and why it hurts you know and At the end of feb my best friend is moving back to P.A who shoulder would i cry on i mean i have friends but they are not My BEST FRIEND Ashton she’s been their since birth you know…..I can’t just call and cry and say i need to talk you know it’s hard because when i do that i still think that People is going to think that i’m doing this again because of my sister and that I use and i am a attention seeker Wrong but want hurts that most is when your own mother says you were try to be attention seeker to your sister that hurts you know…Also my dad says i can’t get on here in stand of doing my game time……But you know when i get on everyone else would want on…….I don’t know want to do anymore Last night i said to my mom you should let me move in with Uncle gene because he lives in front of my moms client So she knows want i am doing while she is at work you know But no answer I just can’t be here when My sister is here And now my brother is starting Being really mean to me Why me? So i just can’t wait to be done with this year and next year then off to college and be away from here for awhile not forever but Until i am done with college i will come and visit…….I’m just getting sick and tired of this everyday i will be in a  perfect  mood until my sister comes home then wow im in a mood when she comes home my brother is is home schooled with me….My sister and My brother starts on me why….?

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