embarrasses moments of myself :’)

When i was 12 years old i lived in P.A and i lived near Walmart so i seen my friend from school there and i was watching them walk away and i didn’t watch where i was going so when my mom said Courtney look and i looked at her but it was to late i ran into a pole inside of Walmart yep the whole store seen me do that and i was laughing the next day about it and Another Embarrass moment was when me and my best friend was at Walmart here in Arkansas so when we were their plus my cousin was with us too He dared me to ask a guy for his number so i did Well want made it worst i was nerves and i couldn’t stop smiling while laughing and he told me it and once i walked away i forgot his number for days i felt Embarrassed and scared to go in Walmart again but i did i saw him again I was scared and Embarrassed Also there was another Embarrassed thing about me…..I was sleeping 2 nights ago and i scared myself that night because i sleep with my head under my covers and i had a heater in my room to keep my room warm well i woke up and i was facing the wall i saw my elbow  move on the wall and i jumped and pushed the wall like it was a person LOL i jumped so high i almost fell of my bed LOL I think you guys need to know me because y’all are my friends so I hope y’all are having a better day than me because today is so boring lol 

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