When you have a crush….

I have a crush on someone and they maybe know it but It is hard to talk to them because you don’t know if they even like you back and sometimes it’s hard when you like that person and you wonder if they have a girlfriend and you’re scared to tell him that you like him without his girlfriend knowing because you don’t want to start any fights and stuff and you just wonder if they like you and they are thinking the same way has you are….I am just scared to tell them that i like them but i am just scared that he might have a girlfriend or he doesn’t even like me back that is the worst part ever is when you have a crush and they don’t like you back and they start teasing you and stuff….It’s hard and he might know that i like him but i don’t know if he likes me back

9 thoughts on “When you have a crush….

  1. I hope my crush likes me back and thinks about me like i think about him you know and yeah I hope i get him and when i do i hope i can project him from other woman and Love every little thing he does and fall deeper in love with him You know Lol Oh and I am staying at my nana’s So i won’t be on tomorrow because i am going to help her cook some things for thanksgiving to eat well i hope you have a good thanksgiving

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