Best friend for life…

My best friend in the world  is the best thing that has ever happen to me because she showed me how to be myself and not feel  ashamed about it you know and she is always their for me when i need a friend and she is more then a best friend she is my sister she is amazing we may fuss and fight but we will always be friends, in the end of the day i love my best friend…She is very good listener and also she cheers me up when i’m sad and we both are still dealing with our depression together and i would not know want to do if i don’t have her in my life she’s the one who make’s me smile brighter she make’s me laughing longer she make’s me life better she is my other half and i love my best friend to the moon and beyond that. She make’s me happy she always says the right things at the right time and we both are fury’s She made herself a fury head and me a fury head i’m a panda and i forget want she is and we are so weird when we are together lol 🙂 she makes me laugh and i make her laugh and i’m so glad i have a friend like her 



P.s I love you bacon strips ❤ you complete me 


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