Into the forest

The girl who lived in the forest 

The girl was lost 

The girl was Terrified 

The girl was scared

The Girl had no home

The girl had no friends


One day she found this cabin 

She found people 

She found this real nice guy 

she fell in love also 

She promised her self she won’t fall back into love 

She looked at him and he looked at her they fell in love together 

She knew she couldn’t see him in a long time so she hid her feelings for awhile

Until one day he confessed his feelings and than she did then they Went on with their life’s knowing they like each other so they kept writing each other and stuff 

She kept thinking about him and she wonders if he thinks about her and she still lives in the cabin alone….She feels still alone and scared but one day they met again he moved in with her and made her feel happy 


Happy ever after 


Dedicated to a friend who i am glad that we met 


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