How i am when it comes to someone getting to know me….

8e6_am_weird_quotes_imag.jpg random-funny-minion-quotes-114104-am-tuesday-04-august-2015-pdt-10-pic.jpgIm actually weirder than you think.jpg             I am a weird funny nice wonderful person you will ever meet in your life i might be boring but i will make you laugh for no reason because i make weird noises that even my best friend laughs for no reason because i do it out of no where and When we both are bored we try to make make each other laugh so we ain’t bored and I will be their for you and I have ears i have a shoulder if someone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or when you’re sad i will try my best to make you feel happy and laugh even when if you don’t want to And i might be 17 right now But I act like i am 2 or 3 years younger because I have Autism But that won’t stop me from doing want i love and i love singing so i try to sing everyday so i can get better and go onto the Voice so bad because i want to be a singer someday and I love to write poems and stories about my life And sometimes it helps other people too and I like talking to people and  Learning new things and i like taking walks when its warm out 🙂 and i love animals so much i want to become a nurse so after i am done with high school i am going to go to college to take nurse classes and try my best to become a good nurse…. I love food like pizza and salads and ice cream and BBQ chips and sour&cream chips and I love Nilla Wafers and Egg rolls and stuff like that and I just wanted to let you guys know about me and Stuff and i been though so much over the past 3 years with dealing depression.. I am doing a lot better since January of this year because i went away for almost 2 weeks to get help with my depression and stuff but hay I’m a suicide savor and i am Alive and i asked my mom when i turn 18 can i get the tattoo on the bottom of my wrist of a suicide savor tattoo because i am glad i savored because that night i tried to kill myself i felt my body go numb i can still feel my arms and stuff but it was going numb and that morning when i woke up i felt sick and that morning i told my mom that i am glad i am alive today and i am glad that i woke up today So yeah That’s all about me and I hope you guys will be their when i need someone to talk to and stuff and i will do the same so I hope you guys have a wonderful day today 🙂 ❤ Love you guys

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