His kindness,Her perfection

He was sitting at home in front of the computer 

She was sitting at home in front of the computer also 

One day he came cross her posts commenting nice wonderful words

He liked her poems so much he messaged her and said Hi 

She smiled because the more he messaged her on the Posts she fell more in love with the guy than his poems He did the same

He also liked her perfection even her flaws

She was so happy that after all her poems a guy fell for her then her poems and messaged her the way she have always wanted to talk to like telling her shes beautiful things like that

He comments on all her posts

So does she

One night she had a dream of him and she woke up with a big smile because her dream felt real

She wonders if he thinks about her in a good way and not in a bad way

She waits for a comment on my posts


Thank you everyone for likes and comments

Much love from C.E.W

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