Happy Month of my life

Everyone how are you guys 

So few days ago i video chatted with my sister who i haven’t seen for 6 years now and i am so happy because i seen my sister who i haven’t seen in like 6 years and Also i’m becoming a aunt 2 times my oldest brother is having another baby and my sister is also having a baby soon…I am so happy because now i am going to have 2 Nieces and 2 nephews so happy and also i might be going up their this summer to see my sister and my dad and also my family lol and anyways I really hope all y’all are doing okay and having a good month and happy Xmas and also i am happy because my birthday is in 17 days i’m gonna be 18 and i am so happy because i am almost 18 almost done with school than off to college to try to become a nurse to help people and also this Thursday i am going to start baby sitting this baby he has dimples lol he is a cutie also i am going to get paid for baby sitting so aleast that is a sort of job until i am done with school and i just so happy because i have you guys to talk to and thank you following me and commenting on my post and liking my post thank you everyone..


Hope you guys have a wonderful month 


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