No Make-up,Thoughts til 2am in the morning

So today i don’t have any make-up on for a least 2 days plus today is the 3rd day without any make-up and i have realized that i have small eyes and bright blue eyes and without Make-up powder i realized how pale i am and my sister, my youngest brother both said i look sick without make-up and plus i have realized that i haven’t been hungry like i use to and that my favorite pants are big to the point where i need a belt before i never needed a belt to keep my pants up and Also since i got out of riverdell i have not been cutting but i mean sometimes i still think that and my one friend moved away AGAIN once i get happy something bad happens and so sometimes i get happy but not too happy so nothing bad happens and i cry myself to sleep most nights and some nights i just lay in my bed and look up at the ceiling and think to myself about everything and i sometimes think myself to sleep and i talked with my guy best friend and everyday we talked on here and then he hasn’t been on and now i am wondering if i said or did something to upset him…….And last time i talked and seen him was when i was in 7th grade at New day chater school and no matter want happens we will ALWAYS be friends 

Love:Courtney Worthy  


3 thoughts on “No Make-up,Thoughts til 2am in the morning

    1. Oh Okay Because i thought i did or said something and I Hope everything is Alright because i read you’re post


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