Hello Everybody i am back….

Hey everyone, How are you guys and sorry that i haven’t been on i went to a hospital in January and Since i got out iv done some other stuff So now i am back on and Lately i been still feeling like A no body i still feel like i am still being pushed to the side and Forgotten about sometimes i, well for a few days now i’v Been trying to plug my ears and Nose and hold my breathe so it can go faster But i start getting pain chest and dizzy so that’s when i sit up and get teary eyes and I just think to myself and like why? Why am i doing this? Why did i try to overdose? Because in the middle of feb i toke 5 pills to make me feel numb which it worked and Made me fall asleep really fast and 2 days After that i tried 11 pills and it made me Kinda Weak and Sweat and Really tried so i just lay’ed down and closed my eyes and woke up the next morning And i was happy all i want to feel is Numb so i can be pain free but Can’t take this Anymore NO ONE TO TALK TO OR HANG OUT Only my closes friend Lives down the road by me And we been friends since She was 7 days and i was close to 6 months old when we became friends and since then we were friends with each other

13 thoughts on “Hello Everybody i am back….

    1. Please don’t You don’t deserve to do that to overdoes Please I can’t lose another of my close friends


      1. i am doing alright i just get the fucking painful migraines because of y stupidity i see why everyone should have faith people would do less illogical choices and make more smart and wise deicisions in life i see why people say have faith.


    1. It’s okay i’m around it 24/7 I’m use to it and That’s good that you use it in a good way lol sometimes i swear in my head but Only when i am mad or upset sometimes πŸ™‚ well hope you have a good day today Ace Champ πŸ™‚


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