My Best day,Sad days also….

I love today because i hung out with my best friend last night and i slept over to and We dressed up into Characters and took pictures and listen to some music and i might be staying with my best friend/sister/cousin Tonight……The best part is that we grew up together since birth and I’m glade that i have her as my best friend because She’s helped me though my tough times and She lets me cry on her shoulder whenever i need to and The worst part is that i feel like a bad friend sometimes because when she is going though Something and she is feeling sad about something and I don’t know until i see her and when she is having a break down and thinking about Bad thoughts and I am NEVER their to stop her from thinking that kind of things……… 

5 thoughts on “My Best day,Sad days also….

    1. I know and I love you too Bacon strips……And want do you mean by ”even if you aren’t here physically sometimes”


        1. Oh…..Okay And I sometimes feel like i am NEVER their but i know deep down that i am truly the best friend you have in your life and We both been though bad and good together and we been their for each other always No matter want you will ALWAYS be my bacon strips and I hope i can be their for you til end of time and I am only up the road and just one call away and i might not be their to hug and cheer you up but i can talk you out of stuff and still cheer you up


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