Talking about how God gave me a sign.

Feb 1st 2018

     Hi everyone, i am going to tell you how God changed me around…..

First i’v been though a lot lately and Now i’v been going to a new church and i am new and i went away to get some help with my depression and get me better and now to me It seems like he gave me a sign and i kept telling him all last please take my life and please let me die i can’t take this pain anymore but yet on the 10th of last month i went somewhere for help but since i came back i went to a new church which is called New Hope and last night i went to the youth group and One of the youth pastor their and i sat down with that person and like i got saved when i was 13 but last year i went to church camp and i got saved again last year and Last night i told the person who i talked too i said that i thought want it meant but really i don’t know but Next week i am going to walk up and in front the teens who goes to youth group and tell them about my past and how i became depressed and How God Gave me a sign saying i need to live to spread his word around the world and get people to believe that they don’t have to fear nothing because God is in our hearts and How he helped me though my tough times………


                                                           THANK GOD FOR DIEING FOR US AND BEING BY OURSIDES THANK YOU 🙂 


Wrote by:Courtney Elizabeth Worthy 

5 thoughts on “Talking about how God gave me a sign.

        1. Yeah…..But earlier i was thinking about telling my therapist tomorrow that I want to go back to where i went to get help Because earlier i was feeling depressed again and i might seem better since i came out of their but that doesn’t mean i still feel like Everything is still my fault of want happen to me while growing up and That doesn’t mean that i still think that i am not pretty but that still doesn’t mean that i want to feel numb and still take a few med’s to make me feel numb you know want i am saying

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