..My Bubble..

                            My Bubble 

My bubble is an Invisible space around me……

Want it feels like inside my bubble? It can be fun and amazing sometimes 

Want i say when i feel like someone is not respecting my space? Leave me alone for awhile and like me have my own space 

How i respect my bubble space? I sometimes just stay by myself so i can have my own space and my self time alone 

Want i like about my bubble? I like my own bubble because it can be fun when i am away from drama 

Why we all need our bubbles? Because we all need our own spaces sometimes

How i respect other’s bubbles? How i respect other’s bubbles is to stay away from them when they say they need some space you know want i am saying


My bubble is my bubble and only my bubble but if i let you inside my bubble you should feel great about you’re self because i NEVER let anyone inside my bubble unless i like you so I like everyone who is following me thank you for everything 🙂



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