If i go

If i go away, would you stay back and think of me,if i say that i am though would you watch me as i walk away you’re drowning me in my tears,you ripe’d my heart out of my chest and shattered it on the cold hard ground,i keep hurting myself so now you can stay back as far as you can, so i can love again if i die young would you send me away with the words i’v been singing,it feels like i’m in a fairy tale if i go in the fairy tale world,would you stay back and think of me,you’re no longer good for me anymore…you’ve made me cry a lot, i guess i wasn’t good enough for you i loved you for so long….My brain was telling me to keep thinking about you but my heart was telling me no because my heart was breaking bad i was listening to my brain and not my heart if i go and never return would you be still standing their waiting for me while you are crying and tiring apart like i was and again thank you for my broken heart.My heart is retiring from heartbreaks.And i also have scares on my heart and my life also my arm…..Now i am lost,if i go would you stay back and think of me




Sad love story

Wrote by: Courtney Elisabeth Worthy

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