I’m getting closer to you,I’m closer to home but doesn’t seem it i keep wishing for something to happen but still no sign.I’m still going to tell my therapists that i want to be inpatient, i cut’ed 2 times last night… can a happy person cry more then she smiles?I seen the sameย figures since the 3rd plus last night it was this gray cloud and a black figure in the corner of my ceiling and i’m not even taking my night pills and still seeing things,I’m heartless because i have no heart to love anymore,No one will see my cry plus no one will listen to my feelings,I intend to push people away because i get this feeling that they don’t won’t believe me,It’s hard to not cry when i look at myself without make-up,It’s sad when i have to wear make-up so people see me,Again i don’t feel pretty in anyway how can i love myself if i don’t have a heart to love?


46 thoughts on “Closer

                    1. I don’t know myself…..But i try not to be but i still worry and stuff and I loved the last man but he lost me and i lost him but anyways I am not busy about this pain and heart and breakup it’s very hard to explain it from my side but I can’t get rid of my memory’s i had when i was with him and my exes and my old friends you know


                    2. I guess i want someone to make me feel pretty about myself and who loves me for me even if i have scares on my arms you know

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                    3. Life is not a fairytale… & i think Now u know this better than many people out there… Life always reveals with all that is unexpected…. We get hurted when our expectations shatter… But to whom can we blame?

                      To life ?! For not being same as our expectation.

                      Or to ourselves for keeping our expectations so high…? Lol

                      People come n go… N u too come in the same catagory….’people’
                      N definitely You too would have walked out of the life of many others. But we never care that…..
                      Forget yesterday…. Embrace today…. Smile a lot… Care for people….not for memories, words, worries and blah blah….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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                    4. Good…….Here in a few minutes i am leaving ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but it is to get more help and do wants best for myself you know

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                    5. I’m going inpatient tomorrow morning around 10:00 i hope you have a great week and a weekend i’ll be their for a week

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                    6. Sorry to tell you…..Don’t worry i will be back lol and i am just going to get more help and do wants best for myself lol I hope you have a good week and weekend

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