Crying Again

I,Again was crying again last night for some reasons….and i just couldn’t take it anymore so i cried to let the pain out so i feel a little better because i made an Xbox so i can put pictures of my ex and me in the box and old letters i use to write him and never send so i was looking though it but i started crying and i felt guilty of want i did to him and I was thinking if i made the right call to just end it between me and him but whenever i look back i always think it was best you know because i cried a lot and i am kinda getting better but i found out that my Mother wants to take my Aunt Hope,My dad,My real dad and herself to talk to my Therapist to see want would be best to do to get me help would it be best to put me in intake and get help that way because well i still take the pills every morning and every night but it doesn’t help so i just act like it is but i just had enough faking everything i am done hiding my feelings and I am just tired of being tired of everything

5 thoughts on “Crying Again

    1. No,But the night ones when i take them i still see things and the morning ones doesn’t help me but i am tired of faking it is working i’m tired of being tired

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        1. So my family doesn’t have to worry about me and The worst part is that i can’t go back to my room unless i have 1-1 Supervisen so i don’t cut again or try to kill myself and I intend to push family members away because they don’t understand how i feel and I asked my mom do you know how hard it is to write good things? And she said yeah i do so i said then why do you push me to do that and she said because i know you can but yet i know can’t because when i do bad things comes to my mind,and i start getting sad again and stuff….I can’t take this pain and last night when my mom asked me why i was crying i said nothing but i wanted to tell her but i didn’t I am done faking my feelings acting like i am happy again and i cry whenever i am alone every time i just want someone to hug me and tell me everything’s fine

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