I need someone

I need someone who will accept me for who i am”,

Who i will accept my flaws

My incessant moaning

Who will accept my pain and my grief and my screams in my midnight slumber

Who will accept my anger and my fear because my only fear is loneliness

and Who will love me no matter want

7 thoughts on “I need someone

  1. Hey…I see you normally have good times by watch your favourite shows, eating your favourite foot e.t.c. and I know you might be young but not too young. You have to understand that happiness is a personal choice not what a human can give except God. If you want to be happy you need nobody, you only have to make the choice. Happy people attracts happy people, and they influence others with their happiness. But if you meet an Happy person and you refused to be influenced by their happiness and you choose to remain sunken into your thought, your past…then they move on coz no one wants to be sad or influenced with sadness. You have to make person decision to be happy no matter what until then nothing is gonna change.

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    1. I understand and i try to be happy but Sometimes i’d be happy for 5 minutes then 5 more minutes later i am sad again I don’t know want to do and i will try to be happy and i will fight the sadness that lays inside me,I will smile more and laugh more so i can attract happy people

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      1. Good…many kids wish they to have what you have, your kind of life but they don’t have the opportunity. Always appreciate yourself and what you have and always remember you’re better than some people…no body have it all, nobody’s perfect

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            1. 🙂 Messages like that makes me happy because i know someone is listening instand of pretending like their listening thank you again


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