It’s not the goodbyes

It’s not the goodbyes that hurts,but the flashbacks that follow

I wasn’t waiting for a knight i was waiting for a sword.

It amazes me that nobody has realized how sad i actually am.Maybe all my fake laughs and smiles really do work.

I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me,

Sometimes i can’t let go of want’s making me sad,Because it was the only thing i have left

3 thoughts on “It’s not the goodbyes

    1. My half sister last time i seen her was when i was 8 and I got made to do something at age 10 that my family doesn’t know and My real father wasn’t their for my whole life he started coming back around when i was 9


    2. And Getting cheated on and Feeling like i am never gonne be good enough for someone to love me for me you know want i’m saying


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