I Wanna Fly

I wanna fly

Fly so high into the clouds

fly away from this pain

fly away from this world

fly away from the dark world


I flied with my eyes close and i went so high and got lost

I opened my eyes i flied into the dark lonely world

i can’t find my way back to where i feel safe again

when i sleep i’m scared to wake up because i’m scared that something will be in front of me looking at me and i can’t even get a good night sleep lately.

It’s so scary and when i walk down my drive way i always think someone is following me,I can’t even explain how i feel anymore and last night i was sitting on my bed re-reading my notes that i wrote about how i feel and i started crying i cut’ed again 5 more cuts again on my left arm,I was so sad that i was crying while i was cutting myself i can’t take this pain anymore,Its so much pain that i get even hide it anymore but i still smile like everything’s fine but yet nothing’s fine

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