She lays on her bed

she thinks about the pain she is feeling

she sits up,grabs a sharp thing underneath her bed

she pulls up her sleeves looks at her arm and starts cutting she wants to cry

*Her sister walks in,she stops and puts the sharp thing under her leg*

she tries to hide the single tear just in case her sister makes fun of her

*Her sister walks out* She began cutting again and lets the single tear roll down her face

she feels alone

she is trying to cut the monster out of her but it ain’t helping


It’s sad for her because she is afraid to close her eyes at night because she’s afraid that they will appear again in her face even in the day she is scared to even close her eyes for at least 5 seconds thinking when she opens her eyes they will be their…..She told her mother earlier about last night when she was sleeping when she opened her eyes it was this *BLACKΒ  SHADOW*Β  she seen in the corner of her eye she was scared to move so her mother asked her would she be awkward if her own mother sleeps with her tonight and her mother didn’t even got done saying want she was saying She said no i won’t i want you too so i won’t be scared and so i will feel safe so tonight her mother is sleeping with her,She can’t even say about seeing things like she been seeing without her voice cracking a little she wants to cry when she talks about it,



This is about me. (Courtney Elizabeth Worthy)

I am scared to sleep at night even at day that’s sad and scary


95 thoughts on “Cuts

  1. My arm still burns,It stings,I tried to let some pain out but their is like so much pain that my pain i’v been feelings is still inside of me and i thought if i cut’d the monster will come out this time but he is still here i can’t get rid of him yet but i keep fighting but i thought to myself soon my pain,my tears will be gone soon,

    Cuts can heal
    tears can disappear
    pain can dissolve
    but Monster?
    The Monster can’t go no where
    The Monster can’t disappear
    The Monster can’t dissolve
    The Monsters home is inside of me breaking me apart

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    1. Last Thursday Night i woke up at 3 am in the morning and i just looked over my shoulder out of the corner of my eye and i saw this big black shadow and i was scared to even spear a tear or even move it was scary

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  2. Help urself get out of all this ugly stuff .. kill all the demons… Don’t ever again fantasize them… Create angels in your mind… Its all the unnecessary imagination of ur depressed mind…. Its time to put up some courage…some attitude…some self respect and self value.
    Train your mind to be free. Your mind has stuck at one point. Get out from there. Don’t let others decide your fate. What if someone left you…what if someone don’t broke your heart.
    What if no-one is there for u. Nothing matters… What matters is you… How you are gonna live your life. You r gonna let others interfere within your life or u yourself come ahead to grab the rein of ur cart. Learn to be some careless and carefree…. Be the you… Let things go. Put up the attitude of “i don’t care.”

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  3. Value yourself…. God didn’t send you here in this world to live on others fate… You are one the most beautiful creation of his. Get out of ur own bondage…which you yourself have created. Why are you punishing yourself… Why to hurt yourself by own when there are already people for this. Love yourself, care yourself….your responsibility is to heal all the wounds n scars caused by others. Why to care for them who don’t care u anymore. The more you expect from others the more you get hurted. Be the heroine of ur story not villain there are others for this task. Expect from yourself what u can do for urself. Nothing more matters.
    Ask you, only you..if you want something for urself. Learn from past …. Live in present and peek in future.

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  4. Indulge yourself in some interesting hobbies of yours. Do something productive and creative. If cant live for urself go out there help those who are less privileged than u…live for others…. Go to orphanages, animal shelters, old-age homes etc. spend sometime there. Focus on that what u have… Instead of what u haven’t. If haven’t have a pet…
    Grow up.
    Be brave cause world out there is much more harsh than u can ever imagine. So be ready to fight.
    By Getting hurted and being unhappy u r fulfilling the expectations of those whose aim was only to hurt u and
    Make u feel unhappy and uncomfortable. U r not there to fulfill the expectations of such cheap people.
    Go stand in front of mirror…. Look and appreciate yourself.
    Only u haven’t lost someone…even that person who has dumped u has also lost u…anyone may further come in his life but not u…..


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    1. Go stand in front of mirror…. Look and appreciate yourself. I do stand in front of the mirror and all i want to do is cry because i think i’m not beautiful, I sometimes sit in my room and tell myself that i’m a no body because i can’t find the truth want i am looking for,

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      1. You are beautiful… are … Yes you are.. you are beautiful…you are beautiful….
        Dont ever think u r not.😊😊
        You are somebody…. u are “COURTNEY ELIZABETH WORTHY”……😊
        Develop some attitude….
        On one paper….write all your positive attributes….your ambitions….your goal…see what u r good at… Find what is good in u…😊
        Then value yourself….😊😊😊

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  5. Sorry i all preached a lot…lol
    But do read the all….n plz develop the attitude of ….. “Let it all go n i don’t care”.
    Go out there make new friends…. Party hard…. Chill n enjoy…😊😊

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  6. If all these posts are not just mere blogging stuff then plz do read the teachings of “BUDDHA” surely it will help u to achieve peace of mind n soul…. A new hope will rise n u will learn the actual way of living…
    Stop revolving around i…
    Watch this video…plz once n if my words hurted u….plz forgive me n must mention me once not to comment on ur posts further…😊😊

    Sorry..again for such long preaching comments….lol…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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                    1. Yeah it can be fun sometimes then other times Just Boring and Well i’m gone go to sleep and before i leave i am getting back on before i leave to go see my therapist at 12:00pm Lol

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                    1. One thing ….if u dont mind..😊😊😊
                      Blog’s comment section is not a appropriate place to do all this chattering….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
                      So if u have any fb account then can drop me message there….
                      You can find my fb profile at about section of my blog….. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
                      Hope had a good meeting with your therapist….😊

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                    2. Okay thank you will add you And i won’t be on tomrrow at all because i am going to my friends tonight and tomorrow but Monday afternoon i will be home okay when get back home i will add you


            1. Okay….I never thought about doing that and plus my mom and my whole family will be mad at me and I never wanna do weed or drugs because i seen want it does anyways Thank you though πŸ™‚


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