I’m falling apart

I’m falling apart and nobody knows,I have nobody to talk to and i’m alone

It hurts,but i’ts ok.. I’m used to it.

Every thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and i don’t think i’m winning anymore.

Deep inside where nothing’s fine I’ve lost my mind

Everyday it’s gets harder, Everyday it’s like a nightmare progressing on,

Everyday is another prayer echoing from my bones asking god to take me now,

Everyday it gets more impossible,

Everyday i feel myself die some more,

Everyday i lay in my bed wondering how i’ll leave this Place,

I’ve never felt so much pain….All this time i drank you like the cure when maybe you were the poison.


I’m talking about the monster about the last thing i said……

11 thoughts on “I’m falling apart

    1. I have friends to talk to i have you to talk to but like During the day like i mean NO ONE comes up and ask me if i would hang out with them and NO ONE calls me to talk to me and I just feel lonely most of the time and when i am not on my blog i have no one to talk to you know want i mean though?


    2. I know i have you too talk to and my friends but i have to call them or walk to their house to ask if i can hang out with them that’s what i meant and plus i have no one but you and my therpyist to really open up on how i feel you know?


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