.Christmas Eve.

Hello Everyone,Today is Christmas eve finally here, My Mama and Dad lets us open on present on christmas eve and i can’t wait till open one tonight and the rest tomorrow plus in a few days it will be my birthday i been counting down too lol anyways this is my favorite month i kinda feel a little better while i am on these Meds for my depression but in the same time it ain’t helping but i am still getting through each and everyday ,I’m home now few hours ago i left my Nana’s and i had a blast hanging out with her and Today i am really bored so i am just on my blog to say that i’m doing okay with my day and my weekend went good and Just seeing how everyone else is doing.That’s all

How is every one today?

27 thoughts on “.Christmas Eve.

    1. Yeah me too,I just opened up all my presents i’m so happy,I got new shoes that fit and new cloths that fit and i got a new blanket and New make-up and some cool stuff

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                    1. No i don’t have a Facebook or Messager because of the things i did and i had another facebook i made myself but she found out about it so now i don’t have any facebook anymore but i can get on her messager and post a picture of me when i post another thing about my feelings


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