People think that these pills are working,Wrong these pills are not helping to remember to smile, I still think about ending my life or cut again to get away from the pain i still feel inside, My pills are helping me sleep at night but not helping me to remember how to smile, I still fake my smile so no one knows i’m still broken and be hide my smile i am crying, I almost cried last night again And i have too more cuts on my left arm from last night at 8:30 at night. I have promised someone i will write good things about me but I can’t write good things about me Because i don’t know want’s good about me, whenever i don’t think about my past i always end up thinking about my past and want happen when i was little and with being called names i don’t know wants beautiful about me anymore i wear makeup so i can feel pretty and again when i don’t have makeup on no one really talks to me but when i have makeup on they talk to me like nothing, But the only way i get my friends attention is to put my head down on the table and cover my face up then they ask are you okay or wants wrong then i say i’m fine and when i start to say something else they ignore me like i was never their so i sit quietly and don’t say anything, It’s hard to be friends with someone you once dated and who broke you’re heart over and over again.

54 thoughts on “Pills

                    1. my 9 brothers and sisters live with their mom and My real dad got together with my step dad’s sister lol it’s weird but yeah


                    2. I know right, Well I will be on tomorrow and I’m going to post about my day tomorrow and how I’m feeling and happy things tomorrow and I will talk to you tomorrow I have to get off and eat…


                    3. It is I can’t wait to cook today with my sister and Nana, I love cooking but im kinda not good at making a cake but my sister is lol like I know how but I don’t know how to design it lol

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                    4. Yeah,Okay I really can’t wait till Monday πŸ™‚ plus I can’t wait till tomorrow because I will have my favorite food EVER lol


                    1. 6? On my real fathers side I have 9 all together but with my mom I have one brother and one sister but when my mom married I now have 2 more brothers and yes I am The first child my mother had first lol


                    2. Yeah it is a big family, And I can’t wait till my birthday because i’ll be 17 and I can try to pass my written part so I can drive


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