My mind is wondering everywhere, So i take a walk to clear my head then i find a blade i kept it so i keep walking to i get to this one path which was dark so i started walking down the path i walked further into the woods to sit down then i toke out the blade i look at the blade then i started cutting and i started bleeding and crying, few minutes later i got up and kept going i saw a tree with a hole in it so i went towards the hole and all i want to do was to lay their but i didn’t know their was a hole their too so i fell in and started yelling for help no answer then i thought to myself i’m lost and alone my only friend i have with me is the blade who helps me get the pain out whenever i need too but yet i kept on yelling still no answer then the monster inside of me tells me want he wants me too say, when i look in the mirror i see this girl with a smile on her face but be hide that smile she’s broken and crying, I wish i can help her but i can’t find a way to get to her with the mirror……

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