Drowning in loneliness

Drowning in pain

Drowning in feeling worthless

Drowning in feeling like i’m useless

Drowning in tears

Drowning with a broken heart

Drowning in feeling like a nobody

Drowning in feeling like i’m not good enough



The pills are not helping me to remember how to smile again it’s making me feel numb even worst then before, Sometimes i look at my food and don’t feel like eating but yet i still eat even though i don’t want too, The reason why i haven’t killed myself yet is because i don’t want to hurt other people but other people is hurting me, The monster told me to kill myself but i keep telling him no but he puts things inside of my head. I can’t get rid of the monster he said the only way to get rid of him is to kill myself i don’t want to but i keep fighting but i get weaker when i’m close to win this war, But i keep trying. Can you help me get rid of this monster?

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