I am Insecure about:

-My thighs     -My height

-My face          -My toes

-my legs          -My thought

-My eyes         -My feelings

-My hair          -My eyebrows

-My lips          -My cheeks

– My hands

-My scares

-My arms

-My stomach

-My nose


Everyone thinks i am such a happy person and that i have it all together. Want they don’t know is that I’m still dying on the inside. I don’t have it all together. I’m falling apart, When I’m upset. I shut myself down I have no motivation for anything i tell myself that nobody cares, even though i know some do, I think about all of the negative things i could possibly think of, I give myself all the pain thinking i deserve it, I’m not sure why i do that but that’s just how i am. I smile but i wanna cry i talk but i wanna be quiet i pretend like i’m happy but i ain’t. I can’t look at myself without wishing i looked like someone else.I push people away when all i really want is someone to hug me and tell me it’s okay.

40 thoughts on “I am Insecure about:

    1. I know i am beautiful but I always tell myself that because i always think i deserve this pain and thinking that i did something Wrong but Thanks Again for everything you say to me i need someone to tell me i will be okay and that everything will be okay

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        1. I know that’s want i want is too be happy and have someone to hug me and say everything will be okay and be their though my ups and downs even as a friend you know

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        2. I was Broken when my ex Cheated on me and it crushed me really bad and He stoled my happiness and I told my mom the other day i hope someday i will fall in love again

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          1. Yeah I get, you should ignore falling in love now, it’s not important…your happiness is more important and your career. Just focus on being a good girl 😊. Remember you’ve got people who care about you, your family, friends and your friends here on WordPress.

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                1. That’s my goal in life is to get though these 2 more years of school then go to college for nursing and after college is to get a job while im in college anyways buy a house and buy a car and then find a boyfriend and then get marryied sometime in my 20’s closer to 30 anyways then have 4 kids that’s my goal in life

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                    1. I know but after new year’s eve i might be getting a job now next year because i went to this little store and i asked the 2 lady’s their and one of them said you can come back after new year eve’s

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                    2. I am home schooled and i can do both i can do my school work and Work in the same time and Yes i can manage that perfectly if not i will try


                    3. Mind is good, I am home schooled and i have no school for this week and next week and Boring day today for me


                    4. Lol yeah i cook everyday too and I watch movies when i’m able to watch tv my dad has the tv all day everyday and plus my brothers won’t let me watch my movies in their room so i watch my shows when their not in their room lol


                    5. Yeah i know right, But when my 2 brothers are not on the computer i ask to get on when their not and earlier i was on here for a half an hour but when i got on i been on for a few minutes and my little brother who is 10 asked if i would take him for a walk and i said yeah hold on so now i am on here for 15 minutes now i just got back for a second walk lol


          2. Love is a never ending process….dear…
            A mother loves her first child…then second comes…then what??
            She loves her second child also as much or even more…so don’t worry love is not a single life time opportunity….it can be as many times as a person can even imagine….😊😊😊

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            1. Thank you for this, And i love my baby so much (Ashton drake reborn baby dolls) I got her on the 16th and i love her so much i named her skyla (Skye)

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