Feeling Misunderstood

Have you ever felt like you were Misunderstood?

Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought to yourself that you will never feel special?

Well guess want, I do, I always feel like i am being Misunderstood and I sometimes do look in the mirror and think to myself and say to myself that i will never feel special again like a girlfriend. I sometimes tell myself when i look in the mirror and tell myself that i am not pretty without make-up

It’s very sad when i sit in my room alone and think and think, I become more depressed because i am lonely no one to talk to and no one to hang out with who’s my age and i just don’t want to talk to anyone about my depression because i think i will get judged at and make fun of

30 thoughts on “Feeling Misunderstood

  1. I’m sure you know now that you’re beautiful girl and a special person with great potentials…of course no one is in the position to judge you, as no one is perfect, but you can always learn from your past wrongs and open a new chapter of a new beginning we’re your happiness lies in no one but yourself. Now I’m challenging you to write about things that makes you happy most and things you enjoy doing most in your next blog post…Always stay positive, do no think negative to yourself…you can only be depressed if you give room for depression and you’re always negative…but you can never be depressed if your thoughts are always positiveπŸ˜‰…

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                    1. No, Its not a real baby its one of the Ashton drake reborn baby dolls and it has a heart beat and it breaths too, I have it in my arms right now too lol

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                    2. Lol Yeah i got her on the 16th i went into town and almost everyone is the gas station and dollor tree thought that My baby (Baby Doll) They though she was real lol

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                    3. Last time i went camping was when i was 13 and I watch movies everyday and i kinda don’t like hiking i go for walks and i like outdoor games but not alot i barely go outside now but i like pool games like swimming and stuff

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                    4. I love country music and I love watching Love shows because i feel the person who is trying their best to get this guy who doesn’t know she is alive and i feel like i’m the person It’s called Good morning call and Michevious kiss 1 & 2 And i love those shows

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