.Happy thought.

I have been starting to hang out with my real father who lives a block away,

I can now see my sister Ashlynn when she turns 16 this summer,

I broke up with my boyfriend for so many reasons and left him  last November 28th at 10:15

I quit going to my church and i’v been crying less.

But yet that doesn’t mean i still want to think about cutting again to bleed a few drops so little pain can come out, This doesn’t mean that i’m not happy about want happen when i was 10 or when i was in first grade i got told my another first grader to go home and kill my mother when i did get home  i was in tears and i told my Mama, I sometimes think about Suicide but i’m still alive, But like i said i sit in my room and the monster tells me i am ugly like when i think to myself while talking in my head which is my own voice but you know anyways I say i’m not ugly and then yes you are things like that it makes me sad because i want to find the truth, I’m still broken, in so much pain but i don’t show my pain but Its so much pain that i can’t even show it something like that


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