Not Enough.

I’ll never be good enough to hang with the cool kids.

I’ll never be pretty enough to be seen.

I’m not good enough in any way.

I’m sister who’s 12 brings up my past like if someone said something about sex she would say Like Courtney did, The other day i said something about her leggings so tight you can see though them and she said well you sell you’re body and i said use to but not anymore, I wanted to cry after she left the room but i didn’t whenever i go to a store i see lovers holding hands or kissing or saying i love you, it kills me because it reminds me of my ex how we use to do that anyways when i have no make-up no one really talks to me but when i do have make-up they talk to me all the time, i wear make-up to make me feel pretty, i wear tight jeans to make me feel good about myself.

Will i ever be good enough for someone to stay and love me for me?

Am i pretty enough?

i really do feel like i did something wrong…..

I feel sad all the time. i might seem really happy all the time wrong i’m faking it all, inside is dark,lonely,cold,broken.

First: Whole

Second:With cracks in my heart

third: Hanging on a single thread

fourth: In tiny pieces is my heart into




40 thoughts on “Not Enough.

        1. Okay, But i got my phone token last year when i cheated on my ex well month after he cheated i cheated because i just had enough of crying everytime i get off the phone with him anyways I will try to use my moms phone to do that but i have more on this computer i’m using but i asked my Mama if i can get a phone next year on the 25th of December she said we’ll see but anyways I will try


                1. But i am getting off right now so my brother can watch youtube this is his computer anyways i’ll be on tomorrow after i am down with all my school work


            1. A little because he called me a wuss and lazy whenever we were fighting though the phone or Skyping I just had enough of fighting everyday and want hurts the most is that he told another girl sexey and lied to me want time he would get home and told her 6:48 told me 8:48 I made a fake fb and i asked who would you rather mess around with he said his ex and not his own gf it was hard seeing those words and i cried but he gave me a second chance but 4 days later i left him


                  1. You should try erase those memories or any related from your mind….as a 19 year old boy is still a kid and doesn’t even know anything about relationship than to just have sex and go to club. If you want to have good and right relationship then wait till you are at least 20 then you can at least be with a matured man not a boy of at least 24 or 25, who understands life to an extent. Above all try to keep your body till marriage 😉.

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                    1. Well i want to date a guy who is 18 but like he been in other relationship’s before me but It is hard not to want to date 18’s years old like i want a guy who loves me for me, And he doesn’t go to clubs but anyways It is easy for me to date 17-19 year olds because their older and they been in more relations i have, But like sometime this year of 2017 i was talking to a guy who is 26 and lives in Africa and he was the one who made me happy again and treated me like a girlfriend but i don’t talk to him now but like i told my mom i would prefer 17 years old right now, You know want im saying?


                    2. I’m really sorry i said that i didn’t mean to say it like i did, Anyways thank you again for all the comments you say to me their sweet and its nice to hear it from someone like you


                    3. Well i’m home schooled, And it’s going good i just got done doing my school work and today at 1:30 i have to go and see my therapist she called last night and i told her i was thinking about cutting again so i made myself go to sleep and i was half sleep and i felt cold air and a gentle feel like a hand on my shoulder i almost cried i had a single tear running down my face it was scaring


                    4. Yeah but in the same time no and yeah but it’s been awhile since i prayed though and lol sometimes i have imaginations but this was like real it felt like someone was over me breathing cold air and i jumped like 3 feet in the air of my bed and my one friend she said it happen to her too and i even told my mom i was looking at my arm thinking about cutting again But i didn’t and my mom asked me why did i think about doing it again and i said i feel sad lately and i ich to make myself bleed drops through but i never prayed to ask for forgiveness since june


                    5. Everybody do have weird imaginations as a kid as a result of stories they heard of read, Movies, and some other things around them. Do you want me to teach you how to pray? So can try say the Prayer everyday? Prayer solves every problem especially when you’re close to God.

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                    6. Yeah i know want you’re saying though but like when i was 5 i saw my garden angle sorry if i spelled it wrong anyways i use to be really close but then i was started to draft away from him and i didn’t know it until i did something that i said i will wait after i am married but that’s when i found out i ain’t close anymore

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                    7. You know any time you feel like cutting yourself it’s the devil right? Anxiety, fear, depression are the works of the devil…and anytime you feel those all you have to do is say is “ Get away from me satan, I rebuke you in Jesus name” and you’ll be totally fine I assure you 100%

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                    8. You can this;
                      Heavenly Father,
                      I thank you for a brand new day and the gift of life. Forgive me my sins as I come before you in my imperfections, help me to live right and brighten up my day, strengthen me and fill my heart with gladness and your presence, that you may be glorified. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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