No one….

No one will ever know want someone is going though or been though

Unless we tell someone

I, Been though a lot since i was little

I haven’t seen my sister since i was 8

I pretty much grew up without a dad until i turned 9 when he came back around but My mom was engage to my step dad they got married when i was 10 and Something happen when i was 10 its sad but i wait gonna say it but anyways In first grade i got told by a other first grader to go home and kill my mom i cried when i told her, then at age 13 i went into a new school for 7th grade i got Bullied their too so did my friend so then my mama toke me out of that school and we moved down south and I was 14 at the time i went to the school down here got bullied then got pulled out still get bullied at church but 2 weeks was my last time going their i cry less.


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