How many times.

How many times have you seen me cry?

Do you know want’s wrong with me?

Do you understand why i feel the way i do?

Do you know want it feels like to take few bits out of you’re food and just look like its a lot but its not a lot of food, but you still eat don’t you which you don’t, I do this everyday

Do you know want it feels like to look in the mirror and feel like crying?

whenever i put something on i look in the mirror i just feel like i should cry but i keep changing and changing then i give up and wear want i put on last,

I stay quit so i won’t be a worth of space, I stay quit so i don’t make people mad from talking,

so now their’s no space for me anymore when i talk.

i might act happy like i’m not depress’ed or have cut’d myself before but really  deep down i’m broken, when i smile can you see the pain in my eyes? but lately i haven’t been smiling or laughing the same, i lost my happiness when this monster came inside me he says to me think i’m fat and ugly but i just want to seek the real truth, it’s hard to smile when you want to cry, on one will ever know how i truly feel because i’m scared once i tell i might get judged saying this is all for attention wrong this is ALL ME THE REAL ME this is want i feel inside.

How many times have i felt this way?


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