Hanging on

Hanging on to something is hard even if you can’t hang on to it anymore then you lose it. It hurts when you lose something you love its like a kid who misses their blanket, i held something for so long my hands started hurting like i hung onto a rope i was getting weak when i was holding onto something i love which was my ex i was the one trying to keep us together i was the one who had to make him happy i cried more whenever i get off the phone or video chat with him i cry out of no where we fight’d all the time like i said before i didn’t feel like a girlfriend i felt more like a friend who was standing by his side it was hard to date a long distance relationship plus he work’d all the time too but He still talks to me but after we had our first kiss together that’s when it went down hill we started yelling and screaming at each other call’d me A wuss and lazy whenever we fight i cried quit so he doesn’t know i was crying on the phone but i told him to stop saying that but he kept bringing that up whenever we fight’d it made my heart broke i went to my best friend she let’d me cry on her shoulder i go to her about my problems and i was in his name on Facebook i read all the messages between him and his one ex and my old friend i started crying and you know cheating doesn’t matter if your dating that person 1. If you lie who your talking to your cheating 2. If you lie about who  your hanging out with your cheating, 3,If you delete messages your cheating the first 2 things i said is want he did so i made a fake Facebook to see if he was really cheating well guess want he did i cried even harder I cried last night again because his favorite song came on last night i thought about him the whole time my eyes burn from crying my hands hurt from hanging on to long my heart is scar’d from the open wounds he cut’d into my heart with words i wrote him a letter to mail him i wrote it in 11/7/2017 I am trying my hardest to let go i am going to try to let go and shut the book of me and his love book and throw it away and never read it again I am moving on til this day forward i am moving on.

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