Reading last page

For so long i have been reading the last page of my book

i’v been broke

i’v been hurt

i’v been sore

i’v been lost

i am going though a lot lately

i stay up thinking about the one i use to love even though he is probably sound asleep thinking about someone else while i am laying in my bed cover’d in tears and pain

it was hard to leave him (My ex) we were doing okay 5 months til november we yell’d and scram at each other over the phone  and on facebook i didn’t feel like a girlfriend i felt more as a friend he cheated on me then november came i cheated on him he gave me a second chance but 4 days later i left him because For one he would never understand why i slipped away before he knew  it i was long gone then i found out he is trying to date another girl even when he says he still wants me then Boom i find out this few months later he says that


Pain killed me inside

Tears are anger

my smile is downside smile

my laugh is yelling

I got lost on the way back home and now i am dead inside

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